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The Types of Brick Repointing

The type of brick repointing work that needs to be done depends on the types of cracks in the building. For instance; if there are active cracks, then the whole bricks need to be replaced with the newer ones, whilst in the case of passive cracks, just the repair of the old bricks would be sufficient. What also needs to be considered is the type of look and colouration that is required to compliment the building structure.

Brick Repointing Types:

Weatherstruck Pointing

Bird Beak Pointing

Flush Pointing

Strap or Ribbon Pointing

Tuckpoint/Tuck Pointing

Bucket Handle Pointing

Recessed Pointing

Coloured Pointing

Jointing Iron Finish

Lime Mortar Pointing

In most of the brick repointing work, the old mortar gets replaced with the new as mortar is the most common cause for the wear and tear of the building structure. The task looks simple, but it requires a great deal of precision.

The mortar pointing work requires the use of sharp tools such as pointing trowels, jointing iron, chisels and chaser drill bits; however, with inexperienced hands, there are high chances of causing more damage to the existing bricks that are still in good condition. That’s why good research is necessary to select the best brick repointing Company.

Here at Brick Repointing UK, we have many years of experience in all areas of pointing and brick repointing requirements.

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Lastly, brick repointing work is not something that needs to be done frequently. If done properly once, it gives you years of maintenance and repair free performance. You can trust in Brick Repointing UK to get your pointing work done correctly with hassle free maintenance for years to come.